Collection Policy

The museum collects objects illustrating the history and development of Methodism and our City Road site. The following is an extract from our Collections Policy (2014);

4. Criteria governing future acquisition policy including the subjects or themes, periods of time and/or geographic areas and any collections which will not be subject to further acquisition.

Taking into account the criteria used to define the scope of the collection stated above the acquisitions and collecting priorities will be:

4.1 Objects and materials relating to the Wesley family where appropriate (covering the 18th and 19th centuries).

4.2 Objects representing Methodism from John Wesley’s time including individuals and organisations, locally and nationally, with representative collections from the Methodist international scene, (covering the time span from the 18th century to the present day).

4.3 There is a particular need to collect sample objects interpreting the story of contemporary Methodism, in the social, political, and educational areas, with emphasis on the national scene and representative collections from the international scene.

4.4 There is a presumption against collecting further library material unless especially relevant to the collection and the interpretation of the history of Methodism.