Donations & gifts

Whilst the museum is free to individual visitors we do encourage donations as we do not receive any regular grant assistance. We suggest a donation of £5 if you have enjoyed your visit. Donations of any size to support the upkeep of our historic premises and the work of our museum are always gratefully received.

Please note there is a booking fee for groups above six for logistical and administrative reasons. Please note pre-booking for groups of six or more is essential to ensure we have sufficient tour guides available.


You can also use this button to donate online:

The Friends of Wesley’s Chapel
Wesley’s Chapel invites you to become a Friend of Wesley’s Chapel to assist us in maintaining this historic shrine as well as supporting our work in this community in the heart of London. You will receive our glossy annual magazine, an annual newsletter from the Superintendent and details of events throughout the year.

Details of MembershipUKOverseas
Annual subscription£20£30
Joint Annual subscription£40£50
Life subscription£500£600

If you are interested in Corporate membership, please write to the Secretary of the Friends of Wesley’s Chapel for details or email us at

Click here to download a printable application form.