LEADERSHIP ON A JOURNEY / 5th September 2021 – 29th January 2022

Watch the video below to find out more about the leaders that were nominated for this exhibition.

Welcome – Discover our ‘Leadership on a Journey’ exhibition which celebrates the rich diversity that exists within the Methodist Church. It uncovers the stories of those often hidden from view, forming the first step on the journey of celebrating an inclusive vision of leadership within the British Methodist Church.

This exhibition came together in two phases, both on display at Wesley’s Chapel and The Museum of Methodism between September 2021 and January 2022. Phase one charts the history of diversity within Methodist leadership and phase two looks at the diverse nature of Methodist leadership in Britain today.

As you begin your journey through this exhibition and think about the achievements of each of the leaders featured, please also consider the gaps which still exist. Which groups are not represented and whose stories are yet to be told? Is your community represented here, do you feel seen?

The individuals featured in this exhibition are only a few examples, which we hope incites reflection and contemplation. As you learn of their stories, please consider others in your own Churches and communities whose stories should also be told.