Learning Programmes

We offer an exciting education programme including school visits on site and museum outreach sessions in class. The site consists of Wesley’s Chapel, built in 1778; John Wesley’s House, a rare 18th century townhouse; and the Museum of Methodism.

Tailored, hands-on activities have been designed to explore our three main themes of 18th century life, slavery and the abolition and the life of our Chapel. If you have any queries, or would like to make a booking please contact our Learning & Community Engagement Officer.

Visits to our site

Life in the 18th century
Experience what life was like in 18th century London! Workshops take place throughout the site in the House, Museum and Chapel to provide an insight into how John Wesley lived, his local community and an introduction to what Methodism is.

No of pupils: Up to 35
Duration: up to 3.5 hours
Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 – History, PSHE
Downloads (pdf):
Brochure | Booking form | Risk assessment

Radical Islington
Learn about the rise of the slave trade from the 1500s through to the formation of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the abolition. Pupils are encouraged to think about what it means to be a slave with the use of replica objects and pieces from the Museum. They will learn about how John Wesley and Methodism became involved in the campaign to abolish slavery.

No of pupils: Up to 35
Duration: up to 3.5 hours
Key Stage 2 and 3 – History, Citizenship
Downloads (pdf):
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A Day in the life of our Church
Learn about how the Chapel is used and discover what goes on during a service with hands-on activities. In the Museum, pupils will find out about the beginning of the Methodist movement and its global reach.

No of pupils: Up to 35
Duration: 2 hours
Key Stage 3 and 4 – Religious Education
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Free Outreach
If you can’t get to us our Learning & Community Engagement Officer can visit your classroom with our free outreach sessions. There are two sessions to choose from: ‘The Great Georgian Bake Off’ and ‘John Wesley’s Guide to Staying Healthy in the 18th Century’. Both sessions use object handling to understand more about how people lived in the 18th century and how this influenced John Wesley’s work.

No of Pupils: One class per session
Duration: 1 hour
Key Stage 2 – History, PSHE
To book, please contact the Learning & Community Engagement Officer
Downloads (pdf):

Wesley’s Words of Change
In 2020 we partnered with Newington Green Meeting House and Benjamin Franklin House to develop a joint programme of education sessions related to literacy, dissent and change. All the workshops can be found here. The sessions are aimed at Upper Key Stage 2 and Lower Key Stage 3. Our session ‘Wesley’s Words of Change’ can be downloaded below:

Video .mp4, 21:38, 42mb | Activity Sheet 1 | Activity Sheet 2 (pdf) | Teacher’s Notes (pdf) | Transcript (pdf)

Teacher’s Pack

  • The Museum of Methodism and Wesley Teacher’s Information Pack
    view / download (pdf)

This pre-visit pack supports visiting teachers by giving information on Wesley’s Chapel, House and Museum.