Band of Hope Certificate

Band of Hope Certificate
Band of Hope Certificate

1900-1950 / Cardboard / Certificate / Document / Temperance
Printed on paper; ink

The Band of Hope temperance society was founded in 1855. Its goal was to teach children and young people the dangers of alcohol and the importance of leading a sober or 'teetotal' life. It encouraged young people to "sign the pledge" that they would "abstain from all intoxicating liquors". The Band of Hope was not specifically Methodist; founded by a Baptist, the movement became a national one and most churches supported its cause.

This particular certificate - or pledge - is interesting in that it is headed 'United Methodist Church' and is dated 21st October 1932. One month earlier, on 20th September, the United Methodist Church, the Wesleyan Methodist Church and the Primitive Methodist Church had formally united as the 'Methodist Church'. The Mount Pleasant Band of Hope division was probably using up old certificates, which makes this pledge one of the last headed 'United Methodist Church'.

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