Banquet Plan of Tables

Banquet Plan of Tables
Banquet Plan of Tables

1900-1950 / Cardboard / God & Faith / Ministers, Preachers & Associates / Other / Printing & Publishing / Publication
Cardboard, printed; ink
Banquet Plan of Tables, 1900

This plan of tables was issued alongside an invitation to the Lord Mayor's Banquet for the Archbishops and Bishops on July 4th, 1900.
It bears the name of 'Mr Rodney Smith', who was invited to the banquet. In keeping with the formal nature of the event and social conventions at the time, Rodney's preferred name, 'Gypsy', was not mentioned.

This document is part of a small archive of objects in connection with Gypsy Smith in the museum's collection. See also a selection of other works on paper from the Gypsy Smith archive in the Online Collection.