Tom Brown’s Schooldays

Tom Brown’s Schooldays
Tom Brown’s Schooldays

1900-1950 / Book / Cardboard / Fabric / Ministers, Preachers & Associates / Paper / Publication
Cardboard; paper; cloth
Book, early 1900s

This copy of Tom Brown's Schooldays published by Ward, Lock & Co. belonged to Donald Soper. A bookplate inside the cover reads: "St John's Hill Wandsworth Wesleyan Sunday School. Awarded to Donald Soper for regular attendance during 1912".

Soper was born in 1903 and would have been 9 years of age when awarded the book. Its choice as an award for Sunday School attendance was not coincidental. Set at a private school in Rugby in the mid 1800s, the book's sporting and personal development motifs boys of Soper's generation and age would have been able to relate to. The book's purpose was primarily didactic, and Christian morality, idealism, fighting spirit, boldness, and the importance of taking responsibility are central themes.

From the private collection and archive of Donald Soper. See also various other objects with a Soper connection in the Online Collection.