1800-1850 / Other / Wesleyana / Wood / Woodwork

This wooden box is inscribed: "Part of the Tree planted by the Rev. J. Wesley. Born at Epworth, June 17th, 1703. Died in London, Mar, 2nd, 1791. Made for Read & Co. Epworth".

The box contains a printed slip signed by the minister of Epworth Church dated Jan, 24th, 1853, verifying that the box was indeed cut from wood of this particular sycamore tree in Epworth churchyard.

There are some wooden roundels in the museum's collection (see Online Collection, 2006/10540) which purport to have been cut from the sycamore tree John Wesley's father Samuel Wesley planted in the churchyard at Epworth to commemorate the birth of his son John. Likely, the trees in question were one and the same.