Conference Ticket

Conference Ticket
Conference Ticket

1900-1950 / Cardboard / Methodism / Ministers, Preachers & Associates / Other / Printing & Publishing / Publication
Conference Ticket, 1927

This Conference ticket is marked 'season ticket' and was issued to 'Gypsy' (Rodney) Smith for the Methodist Conference at the Eastbrook Hall, Bradford. It was an additional ticket to a more elaborate one issued to Gypsy Smith for the same Conference, which is also in the Online Collection. This smaller ticket was reserved for 'the Secretary's guests' and probably admitted to a specific seating area.

'Season ticket' in this instance probably indicates the ticket covered the whole of the Conference week, not just one day.

This ticket is part of a small archive of objects in connection with Gypsy Smith in the museum's collection. See also the other Conference tickets issued to Gypsy Smith in the Online Collection.