John Wesley, M.A.

John Wesley, M.A.
John Wesley, M.A.

1700-1750 / Engraving / John Wesley / Paper / Print
Engraved on paper
Engraved by G. Vertue, 1742

This is one of the earliest depictions of John Wesley. The engraving is signed by the artist in the right hand bottom corner, 'G. Vertue del. & sculp. 1742', so it was engraved when Wesley was 39 years of age.

Interestingly, the artist has titled the engraving 'Thro Evil And Good Report.', hinting at the controversies surrounding Wesley and the new Methodist societies. Vertue also chose to represent the moment John was rescued from the fire at Epworth Old Rectory aged six and he makes reference to Wesley's post as Fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford. Vertue may have done so as a means of emphasising Wesley's good character.

George Vertue FSA (1684 – 1756) was a well-known English engraver and noted antiquary.