John Wesley’s Cottage

John Wesley’s Cottage
John Wesley’s Cottage

1900-1950 / Landscape / Oil on Canvas/Board / Painting / Wesleyana
Oil on canvas
Unidentified artist, 1905

This old thatched cottage in Oxwich, Gower, has gained fame for being the place in which John Wesley stayed and preached on five separate occasions between 1764 and 1771. Wesley was impressed with Oxwich and wrote of Gower as a whole in his Journal:
"Gower is a large tract of land, bounded by Brecknockshire on the north-east, the sea on the south-west, and rivers on the other side. Here all the people talk English, and are in general the most plain, loving people in Wales. It is, therefore, no wonder that they receive 'the word with all readiness of mind' ".

The cottage still exists and is now run as a holiday home.