1800-1850 / Document / Letter / Methodism / Ministers, Preachers & Associates / Paper / Wax
Paper, ink; wax
T. Lessey to Rev. Jabez Bunting, D.D., Pentonville, London, 23rd December 1840

First page and address page of a largely personal letter from T. Lessey to J. Bunting.

Theophilus Lessey jr. (1787-1841) was baptized by John Wesley and educated at Kingswood School. He became a powerful Methodist preacher and was elected President of the Wesleyan Conference in 1839.

Jabez Bunting (1779-1858) has sometimes been described as the architect of the Wesleyan Methodist Church during the early 1800s. He became President of the Wesleyan Conference four times, in 1820, 1828, 1836 and 1844.