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Paper; ink
J. Beecham to Rev. William Moister, Wesleyan Infirmary, St Vincent's, 13th January 1844

Address page and letter of introduction written by John Beecham, Secretary of the Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society at the Wesleyan Mission House at Bishopsgate-Street-Within, London to Rev. William Moister at Saint Vincent on the Antilles.

The letter introduces Mr Ford, connected to the Ordnance Department, and his family, and Beecham asks Moister for "whatever kind services you may have it in your power to render them". Ford and his family travelled or emigrated to Saint Vincent, and this letter of introduction would have helped ensure a good start there.

John Beecham (1787-1856) wrote an 'Essay on the Constitution of Wesleyan Methodism' (1829), a statement of the 'high Wesleyan' view of the Pastoral Office. He was Secretary of the Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society from 1831 to 1855. Beecham was elected President of the Wesleyan Methodist Conference in 1850.