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Paper; ink
Mr Punshon to Mr Peel, 2nd April 1879

Note written by William Morley Punshon (1824-1881) at the Wesleyan Mission House in Bishopsgate to Mr Peel about "the arrangement for keeping the garden".

Punshon became a Wesleyan Methodist local preacher in 1840 and minister in 1845. Very active in the Wesleyan Methodist Church, he was a great fundraiser through lectures on many historical subjects and was elected to the Legal Hundred in 1859.

Punshon went to Canada as British representative to its Methodist Conference and served there as its President between 1868 and 1873; during this time he was instrumental in the building of the Metropolitan Church, Toronto (1872), also colloquially known as 'Mr. Punshon's Church'. On his return in 1874 Punshon was elected President of the Wesleyan Methodist Conference in Britain. 1874