1750-1800 / Document / John Wesley / Letter / Paper
Paper; ink
From John Wesley to Miss Bolton, July 12th, 1768

Over the years, John Wesley carried on correspondences with a number of women. Miss Ann ('Nancy') Bolton was one of them.

In this letter, addressed to Miss Bolton in Whitney, Oxfordshire, John Wesley dispenses health advice in relation to what would appear to have been a vitamin C deficiency. John Wesley was very interested in medicine and, for the day, a very competent health advisor. Some twenty years earlier, he had written a very well received tract, 'The Primitive Physick, Or , An Easy And Natural Method of Curing Most Diseases' (1747), which ran to many editions in the years that followed.

The letter is also noteworthy for John Wesley's very personal, some might say loving, tone. It was this style of writing to women which Wesley's wife, Mary ('Molly') Vazeille, found objectionable and which added to the strain in their relationship.