1750-1800 / Document / John Wesley / Letter / Methodism / Ministers, Preachers & Associates / Paper
Paper; ink
John Wesley to Joseph Conn(w)ly, February 17th, 1753

A letter of business from John Wesley to Joseph Connly (sic) (or Cownl(e)y). Wesley mentiones divorce: "...nothing under Heaven can be clearer, than this: 1. That Adultery doe's in ye moment dissolve ye Marriage tie, as much as if the Offender had died: 2. That Divorce is only an open Declaration of that Dissolution: 3. Tt the Method of Divorce now used in England and Ireland, is so vile & clogged with so many diabolical Additions, that no honest man would care to meddle with it. I should muself be so far from Seeking (underlined) it (in ye Case of Adultery, that I shd scruple to submit to (underlined) it)."

The lines are very interesting in light of John Wesley's own experience of marriage difficulties with Mary (Molly) Vazeille Wesley. He and Molly eventually separated but never divorced.

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