1750-1800 / Document / John Wesley / Letter / Methodism / Ministers, Preachers & Associates / Paper
Paper; ink
John Wesley to Robert Brackenbury, September 12th, 1790

A letter written by John Wesley to his friend and protegee, Robert (Carr) Brackenbury (1752-1818) in Guernsey. As with most of Wesley's late letters, his handwriting is hard to make out.

Wesley talks of a lull in Metodist affairs at the time and Brackenbury's health. He advises Brackenbury to spend the winter in the south of England rather than Guernsey, and invites him to come travelling with him, including "whenever you was tired You might go into my Carrriage".

By the 1780s, John Wesley maintained a carriage for his travels, being no longer able to ride long distances on horseback.

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