Meeting Plan

Meeting Plan
Meeting Plan

1750-1800 / Document / Methodism / Other / Paper
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A characteristic feature of Methodism is its methodical structure and the provision of preaching and prayer meeting plans. The plans are essentially a diary of prayer and preaching appointments for preachers and other prayer and worship leaders working within a Methodist 'circuit', or defined groupings of chapels.

This particular meeting plan is a very early handwritten example showing arrangements for the months between October 1794 and March 1795. It is very interesting that only women's names are listed. Women were accepted and welcome to lead prayer meetings within Methodism. This particular class was led by a woman and was a women-only meeting. Sadly, we do not know the name of the chapel or meeting place for which this plan was drawn up.

For very similar, early class meeting plans, see 1992/86 and 1996/5137 in the Online Collection.