Memorandum of Agreement

Memorandum of Agreement
Memorandum of Agreement

1850-1900 / Certificate / Document / John Wesley's House / Paper
Ink on vellum
First page of six, 8th November 1890

This memorandum of agreement between the Wesley Chapel Trust and the Wilson Street Trustees repurposes John Wesley's House.

The decision to repurpose John Wesley's House was made possible by three things. Firstly, a larger and more convenient ministers' manse built on the other side of the entrance to the Wesley's Chapel site. Secondly, the removal of a second minister on site, referred to as the 'Great North Road Minister' (who, at the time, lived in John Wesley's House). And finally, financial assistance from the Wilson Street Trustees.

Originally, only Wesley's rooms on the first floor were to become a museum. Later, the whole house was given over to this purpose.

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