Memorial Card

Memorial Card
Memorial Card

1850-1900 / Cardboard / Methodism / Other / Publication
Printed on paper

A memorial card for Mrs Mary Crowther dating to 1869. Mary Crowther, as the card explains, received her first Methodist membership ticket from John Wesley personally in 1790, in Bristol. Clearly, this was a memorable event for her, the memory of which was treasured by her as well as her family.

Memorial cards look similar to visiting cards or the French 'cartes de visite.' In the 1800s, visiting cards were usually left in well-to-do households with a butler or maid by a visiting person on arrival, and used by the butler to announce the visitor to the host or hostess. Memorial cards announced the passing of an individual. They were usually framed heavily in black and were sent out via mail to family, friends and acquaintances.

See also the memorial card for Jabez Bunting (1779-1858), 2004/9740/1-2, in the Online Collection.