Moses, the Friend of God

Moses, the Friend of God
Moses, the Friend of God

1900-1950 / Frank O. Salisbury / God & Faith / Oil on Canvas/Board / Painting / Portrait
Oil on canvas
By Frank O. Salisbury (1874-1962), c.1930

One of a series of dramatic oil on canvas studies of the biblical prophets by Frank O. Salisbury. Salisbury's work was illustrated in 'The Prophets of Israel', in 1933.

Frank O. Salisbury (1874 - 1962) was a well-known British Methodist painter and stained-glass designer. Following his studies at the Royal Academy, London (1892–1897) and a scholarship to visit Italy in 1896, he developed a taste for large scenes of pageantry and portraiture, painted in traditional style. He worked particularly in Britain and the United States of America, where he was known as Britain's 'Painter Laureate'.

The painting is on long term loan to Wesley's Chapel from the Bible Society.

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