Mr C. Wesley

Mr C. Wesley
Mr C. Wesley

1800-1850 / Lithograph / Paper / Print / The Wesley Family
Lithograph on paper
c. 1800-1810

Charles Wesley junior (1757-1834) was the son of Charles (1707-1788) and nephew of John Wesley (1703-1791). Charles jr. became a composer and organist.

Charles jr. is less well known than his younger brother Samuel Wesley (1766-1837), also an organist and composer, who was somewhat more wayward. Like him however, Charles jr. was thought a musical prodigy in childhood and performed from an early age. However, he disliked performing in public and later decided to work privately as an organist. At some time in his life, Charles jr. composed and played for the Prince Regent, later George IV.

Charles jr. never married and lived most of his life with his mother and sister.