Mr Henry Moore

Mr Henry Moore
Mr Henry Moore

1750-1800 / Engraving / Ministers, Preachers & Associates / Paper / Print / Wesley's Chapel
Engraving on paper
late 1700s

Henry Moore (1751-1844) was a contemporary of John Wesley and is perhaps best known as one of Wesley's three literary executors. Moore was converted to Methodism in 1777 and he became a local preacher and opened a school. He met Wesley in 1779, who appointed him as an itinerant preacher; later, in 1785-86, Moore was in London as Wesley's travelling companion. In 1789 Wesley ordained Moore and he was present when Wesley died in 1791.

Moore, as one of Wesley's literary executors, became involved in the controversy with Dr John Whitehead and Thomas Coke over Wesley's papers. He and Coke prepared hastily a Wesley biography (1792), trying to beat Dr Whitehead - whose biography of Wesley followed a few years later. Moore's and Coke's work may have been the more 'official' (and possibly more flattering) biography of Wesley.

Moore was elected President of Conference's twice, in 1804 and 1823, although his relationship with that body was sometimes fraught with difficulties and a number of disputes occurred. Moore also served as minister at Wesley's Chapel in the early 1800s and was buried in the Chapel's graveyard in 1844.