Mr Saml. Bradburn Aged 32

Mr Saml. Bradburn Aged 32
Mr Saml. Bradburn Aged 32

1750-1800 / Engraving / Ministers, Preachers & Associates / Paper / Print / Wesley's Chapel
Engraving on paper
late 1700s

Samuel Bradburn (1751-1816) was a Methodist minister and preacher. Bradburn converted to Methodism in 1769, became an itinerant preacher in 1774, and was a friend of John Wesley. Bradburn was a witty and talented speaker and writer. He became noted for championing the poor and founded the Manchester 'Strangers' Friend' Society (1792).

In the 1790s, Bradburn was thought to be a political radical, but he did not join the radical Alexander Kilham when he and some others founded the Methodist New Connexion. Bradburn appears to have supported the American model of Methodism, i.e. a Presbyterian Methodism with an episcopal hierarchy and - possibly travelling - bishops.

Bradburn was elected President of the Conference in 1799, but his somewhat eccentric and sometimes too witty remarks were thought unbecoming. Unusually, Bradburn was suspended from Methodism for a year in 1802 over drinking issues. In 1816, he was buried at Wesley's Chapel.

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