Order of Service

Order of Service
Order of Service

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Order of service leaflet for a City Temple service on 12th May, 1946, presided over by Dr Leslie D. Weatherhead CBE, the then minister of the City Temple. At the time, City Temple services were held at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Holborn Viaduct, as the City Temple had sustained a direct bomb hit in the London Blitz in 1941. The City Temple was not rebuilt and reopened until 1958.

The Reverend Dr. Leslie D(ixon) Weatherhead CBE, (1893-1976) was a Methodist preacher of worldwide renown. He was known for his impressive appearance, clarity of thought and melodious voice. Some of his beliefs caused controversy among Methodists and non-Methodists alike, especially his interpretation of the Holy Trinity and the parentage of Jesus.

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