Prayer Notebook

Prayer Notebook
Prayer Notebook

1900-1950 / Book / Cardboard / Metal / Ministers, Preachers & Associates / Object / Other / Paper
Paper, ink; cardboard, metal, leatherette
c. 1930s

Prayer notebook belonging to and signed by The Reverend Dr. Leslie D(ixon) Weatherhead, CBE (1893-1976). The notebook contains many handwritten prayers and a printed copy of 'A Litany of Remembrance', by the Rt. Rev. George Ridding, DD, published in 1925.

Leslie Weatherhead was a Methodist preacher of worldwide renown. He was known for his impressive appearance, clarity of thought and melodious voice. Some of his beliefs caused controversy among Methodists and non-Methodists alike, especially his interpretation of the Holy Trinity and the parentage of Jesus.

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