Rev. Richard Baxter

Rev. Richard Baxter
Rev. Richard Baxter

1750-1800 / Engraving / God & Faith / Paper / Print
Engraving on paper
I. (?) Swaine sc., Probably mid to late 1700s

Engraving of the Revd. Richard Baxter (1615-1691), including his engraved signature.

Baxter was a Nonconformist Puritan minister, theologian, poet and hymn writer. His ministry in Kidderminster was controversial, as Baxter's strong views on justification and sanctification, with their emphasis on faithfulness and repentance, were unusual. Baxter was ejected from the Church of England after the 1662 Act of Uniformity. However, he became one of the most influential leaders of the Nonconformists in the 1600s, partly because of his prolific theological writings, partly because of prosecutions and his time in prison, for various faith-related offences.

This engraving of Baxter is of unusually fine quality.