Revd. James Calvert

Revd. James Calvert
Revd. James Calvert

1850-1900 / Engraving / Ministers, Preachers & Associates / Paper / Print / World Parish
Engraving on paper
mid to late 1800s

Engraving of the Reverend James Calvert (1813-1892), missionary in Fiji. Calvert and his wife spent seventeen years in Fiji, between 1838 and 1855. As a result of their activity, the most powerful chief of Fiji at the time, Thakombau (or Cakobau), converted to Methodism. Later, Calvert spent eight years in the Diamond Fields in South Africa, ministering to miners and their families.

Calvert's wife, Mary Calvert (born Fowler) (1814-1882) was of great assistance to her husband in his missionary efforts and it was to no small degree due to her care and nursing skills that Thakombau converted.

See also the wooden war club in the Online Collection which Thakombau presented to Calvert as a symbol of his conversion.