Revd. Richard Reece

Revd. Richard Reece
Revd. Richard Reece

1850-1900 / Engraving / Ministers, Preachers & Associates / Paper / Print
Engraving on paper
Painted by M. Pearson, engraved by T.A.Dean, Probably mid 1800s

Engraving of Revd. Richard Reece (1765-1850).

Reece converted to Methodism early and met John Wesley in 1787. He first went to serve in the Methodist circuit in Oxford and was stationed in Guernsey in 1793. It is known that Reece saved a number of Wesley's manuscripts from destruction by John Pawson around this time; probably, Pawson was trying to preserve and mould Wesley's image for future generations.

Reece became one of the best-known Methodists in the Wesleyan Connexion by the early 1800s and was painted a number times, including by John Jackson, in 1825. Reece was elected President of the Conference in 1816 and once more in 1835.