Reverend Thomas Allen

Reverend Thomas Allen
Reverend Thomas Allen

1900-1950 / Ministers, Preachers & Associates / Oil on Canvas/Board / Painting / Portrait
Oil on canvas
Painted by Arthur Trevethin Nowell (1862–1940), 1906

Thomas Allen (1837-1912) trained for the Wesleyan Methodist ministry at Didsbury College. He rose to become Chairman of the Sheffield Wesleyan Methodist District (1886-1897) and Chairman of the Birmingham and Shrewsbury District; he also became Governor of Handsworth College (1887-1905). Allen was elected President of the Methodist Conference in 1900.

Arthur Trevethin Nowell was a painter of classical subjects, portraits and landscapes. Between 1882 and 1939 he exhibited widely in the UK, Europe and America.

The portrait requires conservation.