Site Model

Site Model
Site Model

1950-2000 / B/W / Paper / Photograph / Wesley's Chapel
Late 1970s

A black and white photograph of the model of Wesley's Chapel, its buildings, gardens and courtyard. The model dates to the late 1970s.

At the time, extensive rebuilding on site was under discussion. This included the demolition of the vestry house, the site of the morning chapel (Philadelphia Room) and the Benson office building block, at the front of the Chapel. The model included the rebuilt sections, distinguishable as the black (mirror) fronted and light-grey flat-roofed sections at the 'top' and right hand side of the model.

Eventually, the Benson office building and the morning chapel (Philadelphia Room) were retained and new construction was confined to the back of the Chapel, partially over and to the side of the old graveyard.