The Revd William Romaine, A.M.

The Revd William Romaine, A.M.
The Revd William Romaine, A.M.

1750-1800 / Engraving / God & Faith / Paper / Print
Engraving on paper
Published by Vallance & Simmons, 120 Cheapside, 1774

This engraving of Revd. William Romaine (1714-1795) was engraved for the Gospel Magazine.

Romaine was the son of a Huguenot merchant and became an Anglican evangelical. He studied at Oxford at the same time as the Wesley brothers, but apparently was not influenced by them and did not join the 'Holy Club'. Later, he supported some of the early tenets of the Wesleys' Methodism, but disagreed with John Wesley over the doctrine of Christian Perfection, siding with George Whitefield instead. In the mid 1750s, the Countess of Huntingdon appointed Romaine one of her chaplains. A decade later, he succeeded to an appointment as rector of St Anne's, Blackfriars and of St Andrew by the Wardrobe.

Liturgically, Romaine was a conservative, and he condemned Isaac Watt's popular hymns. Romaine wrote various treatises and essays, among them an 'Essay on Psalmody' (1775) , The Life of Faith (1763), The Walk of Faith (1771) and The Triumph of Faith (1795).