The Reverend Frederick J. Jobson

The Reverend Frederick J. Jobson
The Reverend Frederick J. Jobson

1800-1850 / Engraving / Ministers, Preachers & Associates / Paper / Print / Wesley's Chapel
Engraving on paper
Engraved by J. Cochran, after the painting by W. Gush, early 1800s

The Reverend Frederick J. Jobson D.D. (1812-1881) was an influential Wesleyan minister in the mid 1800s. He had served an architectural apprenticeship and was particularly interested in the Gothic style, which he explored in his 1850s book, "Chapel and School Architecture". This had a major influence on Methodist buildings over the coming decades.

Jobson was also a missionary advocate. He was a representative at the MEC General Conference of 1856 and at the Australian Conference in 1860. Later, he became Methodist Book Steward at the Book Room at City Road in 1864, which he expanded. Jobson was elected President of the Methodist Conference in 1869.

The brown spots on the engraving are a type of paper mould known as 'foxing'. This may develop if paper is stored in damp conditions for a long time and is difficult to eradicate.

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