Typed Note

Typed Note
Typed Note

1900-1950 / Document / Letter / Ministers, Preachers & Associates / Paper
Paper; ink

Typed note written and signed by C.S. Lewis, addressed to 'Mr Weatherhead', in which Lewis declines an invitation. C.S. Lewis (1898 – 1963) was a British writer, best known for his 'Narnia' chronicles, and Anglican lay theologian. Lewis held various academic positions in English literature at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. It is possible that Weatherhead had asked him to preach at a City Temple service, but due to ill health and other engagements, Lewis was unable to do so.

The Reverend Dr. Leslie D(ixon) Weatherhead CBE, (1893-1976) was a Methodist preacher of worldwide renown. He was known for his impressive appearance, clarity of thought and melodious voice. Some of his beliefs caused controversy among Methodists and non-Methodists alike, especially his interpretation of the Holy Trinity and the parentage of Jesus.

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