Wesley’s Chapel Land Title Deed

Wesley’s Chapel Land Title Deed
Wesley’s Chapel Land Title Deed

1750-1800 / Certificate / Document / Vellum / Wesley's Chapel
Ink on vellum

The title deed of Wesley's Chapel was issued to the trustees of what was called the 'New' or City Road Chapel (today's Wesley's Chapel).

It includes a site plan and a drawing of the proposed view of the site from City Road by George Dance the Younger (1741-1825), the Architect and Surveyor to the Corporation of London. He was responsible for the design of public buildings in the City.

The title deed shows that Dance proposed a terrace of five houses facing City Road, at the front of the site. The Chapel, of which there is no design in this deed, was to be hidden completely, accessed by a central columned archway. This suggests that Wesley's Chapel, as a Nonconformist or dissenters meeting house, may not have been regarded as entirely respectable, or on a par with the established Church.

In the end, only two houses at either end of the proposed terrace were built, apparently both in a simplified version of Dance's design. The central space, today's courtyard, was kept free and the Chapel became visible from City Road.